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 CULT brands.

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Stay in Your Lane helps you Navigate the Fast Lane of Franchise Success

(We are cheesy, we know!)

Feeling the urge to rev up your business and hit the franchising fast lane? 

Stay in Your Lane is your pit crew for the ride of building your brand. 

Our team of branding gurus and franchise experts is here to get you to the finish line in style.

At Stay in Your Lane, we know the science behind building a successful franchise brand. From branding, creating good messaging, crafting a unique visual presence, and developing interactive employee resources, we’re the mechanics for your brand’s engine. 

And we don’t just tinker under the hood – we rev it up to deliver results!

But let’s be real, franchising can be a wild and unpredictable ride. We provide our clients with the tools they need to stay in control and tackle any obstacles along the way. Our arsenal includes:

  1. Marketing strategies that will leave your competitors eating your dust.
  2. Franchise development support will have you cruising into franchise sales. 
  3. Employee resources that are so interactive, your franchisees will never forget how to change a tire (or follow protocol).

At Stay in Your Lane, we believe that franchising should be a thrill ride, not a nightmare. That’s why we bring the fun and cheeky touch to the table, while still delivering serious results. So buckle up, put your foot on the gas, and get ready to hit the fast lane with Stay in Your Lane by your side!

Ready to take the leap? Contact us today and let’s start revving those engines!

Support for EVERYONE!

Let’s Make Something MAGICAL!

We help small to midsize business leaders to create clear, consistent brands so that they can confidently and authentically position their organization in the franchise marketplace in order to attract the right clients, customers, and franchisees.  We do this through in-depth brand and market research, comprehensive analysis, insight-gathering, and creative exploration. We have an executive team who can turn your good brand into a CULT Brand. 



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Who We Are

We like each other, a lot.

Ingrid Schneider
Ingrid SchneiderCEO, Marketing + Branding Fanatic
Brett Larimer
Brett LarimerDirector of DEI & Culture Curator
Adam Herndon
Adam HerndonFranchise Operations GURU
Patti Rother
Patti RotherFranchise Development GOAT

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In the words of Queen Lizzo – “(you’re) way too fine to be this stressed”

Our team of fractional executives are ready to help you navigate the roadmap to success! #StayInYourLane – we are here to help.

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