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Welcome to Stay in Your Lane, where good brands become CULT brands! We’re not just a franchise consulting company; we’re your pit crew, your co-pilots, and your brand’s best friends.

Four Lanes to Success:

  1. Fractional C-Suite: Need a CEO or a marketing guru? Our Fractional C-Suite is like a superhero team for your brand. Hire one or unleash our entire brain trust – a force that’s ready to rock your franchise world! We love forming long-term relationships with brands we can GROW!
  2. Training Courses:  Want to grow in new ways? We LOVE teaching! From AI wizardry to LinkedIn mastery, our classes are a fun-filled playground for growth. Plus, our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) fuels success for everyone.
  3. Mentoring:  Need a guiding star in the franchise galaxy? Our team of franchise executives is here to be your mentors, your Yodas, your wise wizards! With traditional mentorship sprinkled with a dash of Stay in Your Lane magic, we’re all about helping you grow, glow, and reach for the stars. Whether you’re a franchise rookie or a seasoned pro, our mentoring program is like having a personal cheerleading squad, a wise council, and a fun-loving friend all rolled into one. Come grow with us, and let’s turn your franchise dreams into dazzling realities!
  4. Project-Based Work:  Have a specific project that needs a touch of magic? Our project-based work is like having a genie in a bottle for your brand. Whether it’s a marketing campaign, a rebranding effort, or a complete operational manual overhaul, we’re here to grant your franchise wishes. It’s targeted, it’s tailored, and it’s all about turning your project goals into dazzling realities!

What Makes Us Special?

What Makes Us Special?

  • Comprehensive Services: From franchise development to marketing magic, we’ve got the tools to make your brand shine.
  • Inclusive Excellence: We believe in creating work environments where everyone thrives. It’s not just good ethics; it’s good business!
  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you’re a startup with sky-high dreams or an established brand ready to soar, we’ve got the custom-fit solutions to make you fly.

Ready to Hit the Road to Success?

Stay in Your Lane is more than a name; it’s a promise to help you stay true to your brand and reach new heights. So buckle up, and let’s make your good brand a CULT brand. Your lane to success starts here!

Contact Us today, and let’s drive your brand to greatness with Stay in Your Lane!

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We help small to midsize business leaders to create clear, consistent brands so that they can confidently and authentically position their organization in the franchise marketplace in order to attract the right clients, customers, and franchisees.  We do this through in-depth brand and market research, comprehensive analysis, insight-gathering, and creative exploration. We have an executive team who can turn your good brand into a CULT Brand. 

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Who We Are

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Ingrid Schneider
Ingrid SchneiderCEO, Branding Fanatic
Patti Rother
Patti RotherFranchise Development GOAT
Adam Herndon
Adam HerndonFranchise Operations GURU
Em Campbell
Em CampbellCreative Marketing Lead
Amanda Barker
Amanda BarkerCreative Director ( & SO MUCH MORE)
Nick Pope
Nick PopeAI Director/Solutions Architect (Magic Maker)
Marci DuBois
Marci DuBoisFranchise Consultant - Fran Dev GOAT
Sarah Rice
Sarah RiceDirector of Training and Development

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You are who you are when nobody’s watching. – Taylor Swift

Our team of fractional executives are ready to help you navigate the roadmap to success! #StayInYourLane – we are here to help.