Patti “the Goat” Rother.

We are so glad we have her.

Patti has built some of the best brands in the industry and sold thousands of franchises in her time. (She’s KOABD)

We call her our Fran Dev GOAT. (Greatest of all Time.)

There are a lot of Fran Dev great’s and Patti is ours.

Sandwiches, Noodles, Pets, Gyms, Popsicles, Patti’s fingerprint is on a lot of big brands we know and love. ❤️  She has been in the franchising space for some time. (Don’t worry Patti, we won’t tell people how old you are…)

Patti lives in Colorado with her wife, her two daughters, two dogs, & two cats. If she isn’t selling, coaching, mentoring, or encouraging people in the franchise space, she is out in her garden growing her own veggies, flowers, and plants. She is good at a lot of things, and gardening is another.

Patti believes in equality, fun, and snacks.

Enneagram 8.