Ingrid is fun, intelligent, professional, creative, and a little bit obsessed with Lizzo.

A center-brained individual, Ingrid can tap into creativity and logic, she’s got years of business acumen, from starting and owning  body shops, to working in restaurants, running the largest comedy club in the nation, and managing a rock band that sells out MSG. Ingrid’s resume is as diverse as her plant collection. She has a love to solve problems, and make businesses thrive!

Ingrid started Stay in Your Lane after seeing a hole in the business space with brands needing help with so much. Branding, Ops, Marketing, Franchise Development and DEI are some of the needs she saw. She knew that forming a team that could help emerging brands, or brands who just wanted the wisdom of some amazing people would be a sweet spot to really make good brands cult brands.

Ingrid believes in “People First” and will always lead Stay in Your Lane with this at the forefront of all her and the team do.

Ingrid lives in the Rockies, is moderately obsessed with her dog Beatrice, a good charcuterie (she will build you one if you’re nice.) She has a nice partner who is not on social media or the internet.